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PV power plant Pike Solar

The largest PV project in JUWI history up date.
A record breaking solar farm

A significant step towards reducing carbon emissions

The largest PV project to date in JUWI history was constructed in 2024. The project is located on an area of over 530 hectares south of the city of Colorado Springs on the eastern edge of the Rocky Mountains, approximately 100 kilometers south of Denver. The solar farm has an output of 223.6 megawatts and was built for the energy company Deriva (formerly Duke Energy). The solar power plant produces energy to meet the electricity needs of over 46,000 US households every year. JUWI will provide operational and maintenance services for the power plant.

The “Pike Solar” solar farm will supply energy to the regional American energy supplier Colorado Springs Utilities (CSU) under a 17-year power purchase agreement. This is a significant step for Pike Soloar towards the company´s goal of an 80% reduction in carbon emissions by 2030. Furthermore, the project brings Colorado Springs Utilities' closer to the long-term goal of powering homes and businesses with electricity from renewable sources.

Colorado Springs
223.6 MW
Solar capacity
Solar modules
January 2024
Entered commercial operation
17 years
power purchase agreement
households provided with electricity per year
The construction phase

JUWI took care of the development, engineering and construction of the project. The JUWI team worked tirelessly to complete this project under complex logistical and weather-challenged events. Construction began in late autumn 2022 and at peak times, around 350 people worked on the solar park. Over 400,000 solar modules were installed on a single-axis tracking substructure system.

The safe and on-time completion of Pike Solar results from strong collaboration among project participants, including the teams from Deriva Energy, Colorado Springs Utilities, El Paso County, City of Fountain, and all our reliable and hardworking subcontractors.

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The successful completion of the largest solar park in JUWI history with 223 megawatts underlines our leading expertise as a project developer, EPC service provider and operations manager. In the USA we have now implemented 25 projects with a total output of around 730 megawatts and have an attractive pipeline.