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PV power plant Rustmo1

The first renewable energy project developed under South Africa’s Renewable Energy Independent Power Producers Procurement Programme (REI4P).
A Pioneering Start

Just 22 kilometers outside Rustenburg lies the RustMo1 Solar Project, a 7 MW beacon of South Africa's renewable energy journey, marking a decade of clean energy for South Africa. As the first project under the Renewable Energy Independent Power Producers Procurement Programme (REI4P), RustMo1 has set a formidable precedent, showcasing the potential of solar energy to address energy needs and drive a just transition towards sustainable power sources.

Rustenburg, North West Province
South Africa
November 2013
Entered commercial operation
7 MW
Solar capacity
Solar modules
~9,500 tons CO2
avoided per year
The Collaborative Spirit

The success of RustMo1, developed by Momentous Energy and co-owned with Reatile Renewables, epitomizes the power of collaboration. JUWI Renewable Energies South Africa's construction and operational expertise, combined with support from Eskom, the IPP Office, the IDC, and Nedbank, has propelled this project to new heights.

RustMo1's path was paved with challenges, requiring innovative solutions at every turn. As the REI4P's pioneering project, we navigated uncharted waters. The team's efforts in establishing grid codes with RETEC have since laid the groundwork for subsequent solar plants.

Richard Doyle
Managing Director JUWI South Africa
Looking ahead

Beyond its environmental impact, RustMo1 has profoundly influenced the surrounding communities. An impressive 17% of dividends have been directed to a community trust, funding essential services and educational programs, and significantly enhancing local living conditions.

Furthermore, the project's focus on empowerment and skill development is vividly illustrated by the journey of individuals like Dimakatso Chunda. Her ascent from a junior security guard to a leadership role exemplifies RustMo1's commitment to uplifting its workforce, particularly women.

The next decade promises further achievements for RustMo1, with JUWI Renewable Energies committed to its operation. The anticipated generation of an additional 110 million kWh of clean energy will continue to mitigate carbon emissions, reinforcing RustMo1's role in the global transition to sustainable energy.