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Wind farm Thaden

Optimized bird protection owing to modern technology.
15 MW
40 million KWh
Annual yield

The project

The four wind turbines of the Thaden wind farm have a total capacity of 15 megawatts. They include two Vestas V126 turbines with a total height of 200 meters and one Vestas V136 turbine with a total height of 180 meters in Thaden and one V126 turbine with a total height of 200 meters in Bendorf. The wind farm was put into operation at the beginning of 2022. Since then, the wind turbines have been producing around 40 million kilowatt hours of environmentally and climate-friendly electricity per year, reducing CO2 emissions by more than 35,000 tons per year. In purely arithmetical terms, the green electricity generated from wind energy onsite supplies around 12,000 households.

Ultimately, everyone benefits from the optimized shutdown times. The operators and the electricity customers get more wind power and the animals are protected more effectively.

Species protection with Fleximaus

To optimize bat and bird protection at the new Thaden wind farm, the Fleximaus tool is being used. Underlying it is a control unit consisting of hardware and specially developed software that - equipped with sensors and interfaces – significantly speeds up the shutdown process of the wind turbines. For example, the farmer can pass on his mowing times, which often attract birds of prey such as the red kite, to the Fleximaus tool via an app. The system reacts very quickly, shuts down the turbines and documents the shutdown times so that proof is simultaneously provided to the approval authority. Everyone benefits from this: operators, electricity customers and, last but not least, the animals.