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Solar hybrid power plant Sukari

The world's largest off-grid hybrid project at its time.
Marsa Alam
36 MW
60,000 tons
annual CO2 savings

The Project

The Sukari gold mine is located around 30 kilometers from the coastal town of Marsa Alam near the Red Sea – and with it a 36-megawatt solar park and a 7.5-megawatt battery storage system. Integrated into the existing diesel power plant, they have been supplying the mine with climate-friendly solar power since August 2022. The project can reduce the annual CO2 emissions of Egypt's largest gold mine by 60,000 tons. At the same time, around 22 million liters of diesel are saved each year – not only is the burden on the environment reduced, but costs are minimized and efficiency is increased for the operators of the Sukari mine.

Hybrid systems for more clean energy in the mining industry

The mining industry accounts for around ten percent of global energy consumption. Hybrid solutions, which allow mine operators to cover part of their electricity needs with renewable energies, are becoming increasingly popular. Many mining companies are transitioning from CO2 intensive power generation from fossil sources to this clean, low-cost, low-maintenance type of power generation. As a result, the costs and risks for diesel, gas or heavy oil systems, including maintenance and service costs, can be significantly reduced. The combination with battery storage also ensures faster responsiveness and reliable power output and, therefore, trouble-free operation. This means that the conversion is not only worthwhile for the climate and environment, but also for the mine operators.