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Wind farm Garob

Over 140 MW of clean energy being fed into the South African grid.
South Africa
145 MW
Entered commercial operation
December 2021
The project generates
573,000MWh electricity
Supplies enough clean energy to power
115,000 households
Offsetting of carbon dioxide emissions (CO2)
600,000t per anum

Garob Wind Farm is a 144.9MW onshore wind power project. It is located in Northern Cape, South Africa and has been developed in single phase. The project construction commenced in 2019 and subsequently entered into commercial operation in December 2021.

The project was developed by JUWI South Africa and sold to Enel Green Power RSA.

Nordex Acciona, now known as Nordex, deployed a total of 46 AW125 turbines, each boasting a gross capacity of 3.15 MW. These turbines are accompanied by 100-meter-tall concrete towers.

Project video

The development of renewable energy projects can have profound environmental and financial implications. JUWI partners with landowners to unlock these benefits as well as works with surrounding communities and local economies to ensure that these benefits are shared. Find out how JUWI is driving a fair energy transition.

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